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 magic bumpers  alternative bed guard


Magic Bumpers are firm foam wedges designed to go under the bedding (mattress pad, fitted sheet) as a safer and easier alternative to traditional children's bed guards.



Just place bumpers together in a straight line to make a bed guard rail any length you need.


Measurements for each bumper piece: 

13 cm high x 13 cm wide x 60 cm long

Foam Color in USA/Canada: Light Beige

Foam Color in the UK: White


  • No Assembly – Easy to set in place under the fitted sheet or mattress pad. If your bottom sheet is very tight fitting and barely reaches around the bottom corner of your mattress, you may use fitted sheet clips or a deep pocket fitted sheet.

  • Child Friendly – No entrapment space between bed and bed bumper

  • Parent Friendly – Does not get in the way of bed time stories!

  • Space Saving – Easy to store and great for Grandma’s house

  • Light Weight – The bumpers travel and store easily.

  • Versatile - This bumper has multiple uses from infant up to 10 years of age or weighing up to 100 lbs (45 kg): Infant Co-Sleeping, Bed Guard Rail, and Bed Divider. Not recommended for crawling infants.

  • Secure and Stable – Firm foam has non-slip surface and stays in place when placed under your bedding

When using the bumper on a vinyl covered mattress, apply a sticky back felt sheet to the mattress to stabilize the bumper. These are available from craft stores or by clicking on the bed bug bumper header above.

  • Safe - Made of fire-retardant polyurethane upholstery foam

  • Easier Housekeeping - The bedding goes over top of the bumpers

  • Economical – Costs less than a conventional bed rail

  • Fits any size bed - Cut or add length. The foam cuts easily with an electric knife.

  • Foam Bed Guard Rails are just more comfortable!

  • Made in the USA

Magic Bumpers are high enough to keep most children from rolling or scooting out of bed, but small enough to fit under a standard sheet. The foam is comfortable and easy for little ones to climb over. Our customers say it best, so check out our feedback on eBay or view our testimonials


Magic Bumpers will work on beds where traditional bed rails just cannot attach, such as convertible cribs. There is no dangerous entrapment space and toddlers can easily climb over the bumper. Magic Bumpers are not for use in a crib unless the crib has been converted to a Toddler Bed. Most customers are able to use their existing crib sheets. 


When your child is ready to transition into a big bed, the bumper can go along too. This makes the transition go smoother.  

  Instructions for use